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Local and National Laws

Before you hit the streets, please read a bit more about the rules of the road and safe riding techniques.

Rules of the Road

Obeying basic rules, being visible, and riding predictably are essential to staying safe on the roads. As a general rule, ride with traffic on the right shoulder of the road, wear a helmet, and use lights at night. The following rules will help ensure a safe ride:

  1. Ride on the right shoulder of the road WITH the flow of traffic.
  2. Ride in bike lanes when available. You will feel like a king.
  3. Take the entire lane of traffic (and OWN it!) if it would be unsafe to ride side-by-side with a car or if road conditions require it.
  4. Ride with lights at night. Utah state law requires a white light in front a red light in back. Any local bike shop can help you find the right set of lights for your needs.
  5. Use your arms to signal before a turn. Extend your left arm for a left turn and extend your right arm for a right turn.
  6. Avoid riding on the sidewalk; it is more dangerous than riding on the road since it makes you less visible to motorists.
  7. Obey all roadway signs and traffic signals. Rideable users are not exempt from stop signs.
  8. Pedestrians have the right of way. Signal vocally or with a bell when passing them on trails.
Additional dependable information can be found at these sites:

BikeWalk Provo, a local advocacy group

Bike Utah, a statewide advocacy group

League of American Bicyclists, a national advocacy group